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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

2 1/2 in Malacca!


*Goodbye Melaka*

Hai Im Hani. And im officially graduated! :D Sorry fr the late update. Im so happy with my final exam result and this is the highest pointer i ever get throughout my whole semester in Lendu. Which is i got Dean List fr both my GPA and CGPA so yippy! :D And a big congrats to those who got ANC award fr their result which is yg i tahu nana! My ex roomates and housemates hihi congrats sayang! >.< And the good news is i don't have to go back to Lendu so yayy me! Sbb dh hbs dip dh hihi Again, congrats to all, congrats to all my coursemates yg dh grad sama! See you guys in shah alam!


And special thanks to Fatin fr always being there fr me in Lendu since semester 1 until 5. Im going to remember u like forever! Thanks sbb selalu masak breakfast, mkn mlm. Sbb nk tunggu hani tu mmg berzaman nk bgn. Thanks a lot! Rindu sangat k nk gaduh nk jerit klu bercakap mcm org ckp sebatu jauh eee i missssss you so much! Tc be good dpt kerja nti please dtg s.alam dgn kereta baru kau haha. xx


To my ex-roomates picah, nana and mira thanks a lot fr all the sweetest memories! <3 Jd roomates since semester 1 until 4 best sgt dgn krg! & Jd housemates kejap je hihi Jumpa kt s.alam nanti hihi :p


My classmates DPA D Aus, Leya, mirabiha and lain2 tu u guys are awesome! Walaupun tk brp nk bersatu hahaha Penat klu nk sebut satu2 hihi including all the lects as well, thanks a lot fr all the knowledge uve shared with us! xx