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Saturday, November 12, 2011

An advice from once a broken heart

You met this person.
You are so drawn to this person.
You have become so emotionally attached to him or her.
You heart is showing you all the signs that you have falling in love.
You simply can't imagine yourself being with anyone else other than him or her.
You feel special whenever they vent out their feelings to you.
You finally admitted to yourself.
This is not a crush, you are really in love.

But sadly, you're just another fling to him or her.
You'e just one of his or her crush.
You're just another person that he or she felt comfortable to be with.
You're just another good listener who could stand listening to all of their problems.
You're just another person that he or she attracted to, physically.
You're just another person in his or her phonebook that will keep them occupied during their free time.

But, that was just it.
You're just another person.
You're not that special.
You're just an option.

"Just because he called or texted you, that does not mean that he needs you"

*Have any of you experienced such situation before?
  I know I do. *roll eyes*
  Here's a little advice for you.

Than just stop whatever that you've been doing.
Stop loving them unconditionally.
Stop making them the center of your universe.
Stop making them your ultimate priority.
Stop limiting yourself by making them your only choice.

You still have  along journey to go.
There are so many new faces waiting to be par of your life. :)
If this one single person can't love you the way you deserved to be love, then walk away from them.

Trust me you won't lose anything because you have received nothing from the very beginning.
But they will.
They will lose you, they will lose the love they've once had.
That one is irreplaceable.

Nicely said by: Lilianna Mardiana

Line by me: All in all it's up to you on how you wanna deal with those pain oh i mean heartache. We k-n-o-w it's really painful. But still life must go on. Just move on and live your life the best as you could. It's okay to cry at first but don't drag it too long bcs it's just a waste. And don't ever ever say that you hate guys or girls just bcs your life have been spoiled by this one person. That's so immature if you say that. Soon, you will find someone better. Besides we're still young right, so why so serious? :)