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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Here we go


#1 Im hani
#2 Im 20
#3 I've light golden brown hair which is not my original hair colour :p
#4 I just loveeeee sushi
#5 Im single
#6 Last movie i've watched in cinema was Paranormal A 3 and it was scary like shit
#7 I loveeeeee ribena! Really really love it!
#8 I ate a lot but still -.-
#9 I don't like being forced, being told to do something
#10 Im so sooooo stuborn
#11 I don't trust people easily
#12 I just love kids especially babiesssssss. It feels like i wanna bite their cheek! Mcm apam!
#13 I can sleep all day long
#14 I just done with my L license 
#15 I can't stand air conditioner
#16 My fav colour is RED
#17 I love cat but im so afraid to hold 'em. And i will scream like &^$ if you make to do so
#18 I get mad easily BUT its just fr awhile
#19 Im on holidays fr 5 months
#20 I just love when a guy buy your fav food to comfort you when you're sad. hihi 
#21 I love watching horror, mystery movies
#22 A walk to remember was still my fav movie all the time & everytime i watch it ill cry -.-"
#23 I express my feeling through songs lyric :p
#24 I don't really share my secrets with people including my best friend
#25 I do believe in second chance 
#25 A guy with a good sense of humor is really a big deal fr me
#26 I don't know why but I love guys wearing long sleeve shirt :p
#27 I don't like people who disagree with me hahaha

#28 I don't like guys wearing skinny jeans. Totally eww fr me

#29 Is a loyal person like SERIOUSLY
#30 Have sepet eyes. Hmphh not really i don't why the heck i look like chinese haha
#31 Loveeesss maggie curry
#32 If you ask me to choose between macd & burger king, ill go fr kfc
#33 I don't like tea
#34 I'm obsessed with my hair, if it doesn't look good ill wear scarf or just tight it up!
#36 I just loveeee reading novels! If people buy me a novel fr my birthday pn a big deal fr me! :D
#35 I don't sleep at night and that's not good
#37 I HATE waiting
#38 Manchester United fan<3
#38 I cry easily 
#39 I fall in love easily. Not good not good not good not good
#40 A muslim :)

#41 Is waiting fr her degree. :D

#42 I like simple makeup
#43 I DISLIKE & HATE people who cheat in their relationship. They just don't know how to value and appreciate everything they have
#44 'Eiffel im in love' was a really good movie! Tp cd dia dh hilang ;(
#45 I have more than 400 movies in my hardisk 
#46 My mood can change very quickly
#47 I do not own a car but if i were given the choice by my dad to choose a car i want suzuki swift! They're cute!!!!!
#48 I'm not in love with any person right now but..
#49 I prefer wedges than high heels
#50 I never eat at CHILIS. Poor me now anyone please bring me there? 
#51 I'm so dead secretive
#52 I never been to a club & don't have any interest to do so
#53 I'm using Samsung Corby phone
#54 I love studying!! Really do! I want to proceed until Master
#55 Suka sangat2 manggis! Durian pn okay! Tembikai! I mean everything lah? haha
#56 Libra
#57 Jessica alba is so damn pretty. Eh tiba-tiba
#58 My fav number is 2! I just don't know why
#59 You dont have to bring me to a candle light dinner, buy fr me expensive stuff or whatsoever. Burn a list of songs into a cd i mean like a song yg related to me or apa2lah then give it to me! Huwaaaaa!
#60 I don't smoke!
#61 I don't really like it when guys wearing slippers but depends lah on the situation
#62 I find it attractive when guys can play guitar 
#63 I do watch Harry Potter but not twilight. So lame
#64 I sleep with my table light open
#65 Im stuck with this thingy 100factsaboutme. T.T
#66 I miss my bestfriend right now FATIN ATIKAH :/
#67 I don't know how to cook. Boo-hooo
#68 I prefer salt rather than chili sauce of top of french fries :D darah tinggi drh tinggi coming soon! haha
#69 I'm 162cm :p or maybe 160cm so confuse haha
#70 I don't like coke. Ewwww to gas-syyy fr me 
#71 Part of my body that i like the most is my eyes
#72 It really can make my heart skip a beat when a guy call me with my full name. I was like.....
#73 I'm so afraid to death when it comes to cutting off my hair! 
#74 I love travelling! 
#75 My fav flavour of ice cream is keladi, jagung, kacang merah! I i just love ice cream potong! And drumstick ice-cream is really a NO fr me. I don't know why i just don't like it. Except the biscuit :p
#76 Selongor-ian
#77 I'm not afraid of height 
#78 I'm not afraid of lipas
#79 I have a dead lappy in my room. Poor my lappy and until now i'm still afraid to tell my daddy! 
#80 I just drive one of my friend's car and its PAJERO! Thank you Akma :p
#81 I don't have my phone with me like 24/7. Selalu misplace and letak merata2
#82 I have a brother who now studying A-level in medical!
#83 I don't share my comb with people
#84 I sleep with lots of pillow on my bed
#85 I wear size 4 or 5 shoe
#86 I play sports during high school which is high jump! I'm very good with it! Really! Wink2~
#87 I have a scar on my left hand
#88 I just love ocean. Its so calm
#89 I don't really like spaghetti but still i can eat 'em
#90 I DO believe in love of first sight
#91 I don't really like people who swear to make other people believe. Just do something else rather than swear-ing
#92 I love weddings! Its fun and you can eat a lot and its freeeeeee! hihi
#93 I love mashed potato!
#94 I have this one habit when buying drinks ill take 2 straw instead of one. hihi
#95 A kiss on the forehead or hug? Hug pleaseeeee
#96 I'm not a good adviser. I don't know how to give people a good advise
#97 I still watch Spongebob SquarePants
#98 During high school i used to skip my night class and my parents no nothing about it haha. And i've been chased by guards bsc i skip my class and lepak at the back of my school. It was so tiring running with the guards! I run like shit with my friends in the middle of the field. Omg this is one of my unforgettable memories during high school. I bet u also have one. :p
#99 I do not wear spectacles
#100 Well I just done with this #100factsaboutme. Thanks fr reading! >.<