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Friday, January 06, 2012

Late but still.

The pelamin. So cantik!

From left Hazeera, Asyura, Kak Nina, Me and my sister Fazeera! 

The aunty aunty. Opps! :p

My lovely cousin<3

This is Syira and Trisha!

Oh well, inilah org bertunangnya! :p

Hai hai hai hai! :p i know its been awhile i didn't update my blog. What to do, im so busy with my life right now. Eee tipu!  Im too lazy to update my blog actually. Tehee forgive me my dear readers! So obviously this new post is regarding the e-day post that ive promised to you! Ahaa! after 1 bulan baru update. hihihi sorry! So this is the only pict that i managed to get from my cousin. Others ada kt my another cousin. haha Till the bye bye! Happy 2012 people! :D