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Monday, October 10, 2011

Im back!

Hello my beloved followers. Sorry blog terbiar beberapa bulan. Im so busy with my final exam before this. Alhamdulillah i managed to answer all the question except yeah fr LAW of course. Major spoil subject. & now dh free holiday fr 5 months. Can u imagine 5 bulan jd jeruk kt rumah? I need to find a job. REALLY. But yeah im so lazy to find one. Besides i got no transport tula taknak ambil lesen lg. End up jd suri rumah lah jwb nya, meh buat persediaan awal hahaha :p okay, sorry fr deleting my post AGAIN n again. (You-know-whyyyy) I just don't feel like blogging anymore before this. Due to a certain reason. But then im so bored so im starting to write back. Love you my blog. hihi Hmm there's nothing much to say right now, i mean a lot actually but then im starting to feel lazy back. hahaha gangguan perasaan ke apa ni kejap rajin kejap mls. haha okay later i'll update more. Regarding Melacca. I'll post lotsa pictures after this kay peeps? Oh my im starting to miss my Malacca already. :"/ 

Okay stay tune, tata!